Wings Special Needs Education

What we offer

  • Each child’s Individual Education Programme is loosely based on the CAPS curriculum. Individual goals are discussed during parent consultations and reassessed every six months. A variety of resources are used to extend the teaching plan, and there are differentiated programmes to develop auditory and visual perception, sensory integration and social skills. Pre-vocational training is generally done with task boxes, where the learners practise sorting, planning and checking.
  • There is some form of exercise every day. Twice a week, a qualified personal instructor takes the children for gym (this includes swimming in summer) and they follow a comprehensive programme of gross motor activities to improve their balance, coordination, ball skills and fitness.
  • Art, music and baking take place in the classroom and we visit two local libraries as often as necessary. Drumming is next on our agenda. Carefully selected educational outings form part of the children’s lifestyle curriculum and serve as a way to introduce them to their expanding environment.
  • We believe in discovering what motivates each child in order to enhance the process of learning. Through our one-on-one approach and the investment of time and patience, our children develop confidence and build self-esteem. They are taught how to make good choices, and how to celebrate or accept the consequences of those choices as they prepare for adulthood.
  • Last, but not least, we teach values instead of rules. We strive to develop appropriate communication and respect, as well as social and emotional skills… and hugs are appreciated! In short, we light the fire and they do the rest!